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Cincinnati Zoo Exploration

Our in-class assignment was to take video footage of anything of our liking and then create a vehicle for piecing together that collected footage. I was in the group that decided to go to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens and so I created a project of my own that would advertise and showcase the zoo's exhibits.

I created a small game starring a Peacock who has lost his feathers. The user's job is to find the feathers and restore them to the peacock's plumage. The feathers are all hidden in an illustrated zoological environment that details and highlights the zoo's attractive architecture. When the user finds a feather they also reveal video footage of animals in the zoo's exhibits so that the user experiences the zoo at yet another enticing level. After collecting all of the feathers/videos via a drop and drag interface, the user picks music and is then rewarded with a video montage of their making.

The intrigue created by the gameplay and the simple storyline of this interactive piece would hopefully encourage more people to support and visit their zoo.

Photoshop + Illustration + Flash + Actionscript + Final Cut Pro + Video Capture

Launch/Play : zoo_exploration.swf


McAuley High School  |  Class of 2006
University of Cincinnati  |  Class of 2011 Major in Digital Design, Minor in Creative Writing Fiction

work experience

Sneakpeeq  |  2011-Present: Lead Visual Designer
Eventbrite  |  2011 Graphic Design Intern
LPK  |  2011 Interactive Design Intern
BLT & Associates  |  2010 Design & Marketing Intern
Bent Image Lab  |  2010 Design Intern
Lightborne  |  2009 Motion Graphics Intern
B-Books Publishing  |  2009 Interactive Design Intern
Kiki Magazine  |  2009 Design & Illustration Intern
UVPhactory  |  2009 Motion Graphics Intern
Barefoot Advertising  |  2008 Graphic/Interactive Intern
CCA Stables  |  1999 - 2007 Barn & Horse Assistant

I am an interactive, graphic, or motion designer. Hummingbirds inspire me. Perseverance drives me. I live to create, draw and most importantly, I love my morning cereal.

I’m newly graduated and currently looking for a full-time job.

skills & qualifications

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash, Action-script, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Maxon Cinema 4d, Microsoft Office, digital photography and scanning, drawing and painting. Mac and PC proficient.


Universal Studios, HBO, A&E, TNT, History Channel, P&G, Kroger, CAC, American Greetings, Cox Cable, Kiki Magazine...

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P : 513.278.7669