The Make Believe House

MediaPS CC, Wacom Intuos Pro

I painted this while I was living in San Francisco. The tech bubble. Here is what I wrote:

With the onset of the San Francisco housing epidemic I’ve been having thoughts. These thoughts get me burning with jealousy, desire to possess, and demeaning self-evaluation of my own income status. The rent is rising ridiculously and it’s all anyone can talk about in this city. 

Teachers, families and artists who have lived in this soulful city for over 50 years are being evicted to make room for higher paying tenants. Kids who ran away from their tiny hometowns to give San Francisco and its colors of life a whirl can no longer afford to do so. The once ethnic and culturally rich streets and homes are being weeded and replanted. By the end of 2014 the rent jumped 8.1% since that same summer. 

Of course, this is the nature of gentrification and its taking hold, but that doesn’t make me feel okay about the consequences. Sometimes I feel that my only choice, as I live here and watch my rent rise $150 every year, is to listlessly pretend it’s all fair and fine. I do this as I begin to say my goodbyes to this city that I can no longer afford. Here’s to all the dreams that won’t come true, but pretending they might anyways